Install and Play THE BLOCKHEADS On Windows and Mac

The Blockheads is yet another exploration and navigation game. Your Blockhead is having a hard time and you are the only one who can be of any help. Help them to navigate safely through random mountains, rivers, valleys, forests, deserts and many other artificially created surroundings. Basically, the sun is going down and you are yet to find a shelter for yourself. Unfortunately, your camp fire has also gone out and you are left with few sticks, wood and a spade.

Download and Install THE BLOCKHEADS for PC Windows 78MacYou need to hurry up as there is very little time left before you run out of all your resources. You need to feed your Blockhead and also take care of all their basic needs. Once you fulfil their requirements, they will be more productive and will be quicker and happier throughout the day. The Blockheads is available for both Android as well as iOS platforms but you can also play this game on your PC. All you need to do is install Bluestacks on your system. Scroll down for the download links of Bluestacks app player and The Blockheads for PC.


If you must know The Blockheads is actually a 2D detailed exploration Sandbox game where you can actually explore, build, craft and do so many interesting stuffs.It is actually a beautiful game by Majic Jungle Software. The gameplay is actually built in a huge world which is constantly evolving and is generated procedurally in every aspect.

The player actually gets to control various avatars who all are so named as Blockheads who has the capability to destroy and also create blocks, collect  or the ability to craft various material using proper resources, build underground cave networks as well form a good collection of exotic structures. You can also mine in this lovely world.

You get to navigate the worlds that are simulated  and are about thousands of blocks wide. The worlds are also very huge. They even contain temperature loaded with climate system, all the seasons, equator and the frozen poles.

Go ahead and explore more complex caves   that too with flowing water. Push yourself to the limits by trying to survive extreme situations ranging from hot deserts to snowy mountains. You can even build or farm or find your way to more sophisticated technologies including trains, electricity and more.

Lets summarise the basic features

  1. You need to control your Blockheads in this huge world which comprises of ocean, forests, huge deserts, mountains and so many other features just like our own world.
  2. You need to be aware of their needs, give them proper human conditions like provide them with sleep, feed them, make arrangements for their cloths as well as shelter to make them happier, energetic and more productive.
  3. Let them find the required resources and you need to craft tools with those resources so that they can find more resources and become faster in their work.
  4. You need to upgrade the workbenches whenever required and try to unlock more advanced items to craft.
  5. Go ahead to discover precious stones and stones that are hidden underground or any rare plants or any other animals that can be found on the surface.
  6.  Create a boat and endlessly navigate the oceans , use the accurate night sky to guide your very own way.
  7. Create your own fur clothing and venture into the north pole.
  8. When you are at a tropical beach  pick coconuts from there.
  9. Enjoy as you cook meat at a campfire.
  10. Do other activities like paint the walls, plant some orchards and also ride a donkey.


Android Emulator for pc

Follow below tutorial to Install and play this game on PC or Mac using Andy/Bluestacks Android Emulator.

  • use the two links that you are seeing beside Andy emulator from the official website or Bluestack from its  official website .
  • Download them and go to the google playstore
  • On the google playstore you could find huge collection of games wherein you need to type the name of the game i.e, THE BLOCKHEADS.
  • Whenever the name of the game is hinted click on it.
  • The download of the game starts automatically and soon after downloading the installation starts happening consequently.
  • So go ahead start playing the game and enjoy.


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