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    Buy your gaming significant other a gaming mouse today

    If you have a gaming boyfriend, I’m sure you always want to make him feel special and loved. You have noticed that sometimes he spends many hours gaming and that is because he loves it! If you want to pamper him, the best way to do so is to buy your gaming boyfriend a gaming mouse today. But if you may wonder why a gaming mouse and why it would make your gaming boyfriend so happy?

    A gaming mouse is a mouse with additional features which give it certain key advantages which will help gaming performance. This is significant in gaming competitions. For a regular mouse, it doesn’t have these benefits.

    The truth is that not everyone considers the various traits of a mouse, especially ergonomic design. However, in gaming where accuracy, speed, and precision matters, these ergonomic and functional advantages are enormous compared to a standard mouse. The addition of factors such as better sensors, extra configurable buttons, wireless connection, neon lights, make a huge difference in gaming experience and performance.

    Here, we will introduce the 3 important features.

    gaming mouse

    Different designs and lightings

    This is undoubtedly one of the first things anyone will observe on the gaming mouse. The different designs available will leave your boyfriend spoilt for choice. This is important as most gamers would not want to game with a gaming mouse which looks ugly or feels uncomfortable. Next, other features such as neon lights and highlights add to the ‘cool’ factor of the mouse. When shopping for one, you can find different types of designs with different colors and one with your boyfriend’s favorite color.

    Additional buttons

    This is a common characteristic in all gaming mice. If you know what your boyfriend’s favorite game is, you can find a specific mouse for that type of game. This is because while many come with additional buttons, there are different models with various buttons which are useful for different games. For example, gaming mice for shooter have an extra button at the level of the thumb to aim and shoot, while for role-playing games the mice have extra arrows buttons on it.

    In all types of games however, it is beneficial to have additional buttons to configure and assign them to a specific action. In games, this facilitates the gameplay better, improves the experience of the game and provides a great advantage in online games where you can make a combination of keys in a short time.

    One great brand to check out would be Razer. Their Razer Gaming Mouse are known as one of the best for gaming mice in the market.

    Optical mouse

    A mouse with optical sensor is more effective than one with a laser sensor because it is more accurate. While the difference can sometimes go unnoticed for a layman, but all professional gamers would generally agree that an optical sensor is better for its increased accuracy.

    In conclusion, a gaming mouse will be perfect for your gaming boyfriend as it will improve his gaming experience and that is what matters. There is not a special model that is ideal for everyone because all tastes are different, but there are so many designs available in the market that you will surely find one that will be ideal for your boyfriend. If you are not sure which mouse he likes, you can try to tease out his likes or dislikes by bringing him to a gaming equipment shop.

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    When Should You Use An Absolute Encoder?

    Absolute Encoder

    When a rotating shaft’s position, direction of motion or speed have to be measured, the rotary encoder is necessary. As you try to choose one, 2 things are here to choose from: the absolute encoder and the incremental encoder. We’ll help you to fill the difference in order to choose the best type of encoder for your project.

    Understanding The Absolute Encoder

    The absolute encoder offers a unique value for position or a data word at every single rotation point, which represents encoder absolute position. As you switch the design on, the absolute encoder lets you know the position of a rotating shaft measured.

    This is done by using a capacitive, magnetic or optical sensor that reads a code from a disk rotating together with a shaft.

    The absolute encoder manages to do everything without having to turn a shaft so position can be tracked even in the event there is a temporary power loss. If there are highly unique codes added to the disc of the encoder, the position reading ends up being highly precise.

    Incremental Versus Absolute Encoders

    The incremental encoder generates pulses while shaft rotates. The regular incremental encoder will generate 2 square waves with 90 degrees being out of phase. Such pulses have to be tracked or need to be counted with the use of electronics located on the outside of an encoder.

    When Is The Absolute Encoder Preferred Over The Incremental Encoder?

    An important thing to know is that due to the fact that absolute encoders maintain shaft position, you know the position as soon as power is delivered to the device. There is no need to wait for calibration or homing sequences to be complete. Position data is obtained and respected even if there is a power failure or the shaft was turned during the time when the encoder was not on.

    It is often vital to know absolutely start up position since in some of the positions it is completely safe to keep rotating in a direction but it is not good in the other. Based on application, if you get this wrong, it can lead to bodily injury, equipment damage or a lot worse. Knowing exact rotating device position before parts move is oftentimes critical.

    Just as important, the absolute encoder offers a true position in a true real-time setting. Many modern systems rely on digital technology, having connections to central communication buses. The fact that you are able to poll real-time position for the encoder when it is needed is a huge benefit, especially since latency is minimal. Keeping track of the position when using the incremental encoder, even if you go through a homing sequence, involves pulse tracking with the use of external circuitry. Besides the fact you need to use these external circuits, you also have to deal with position determination latency.

    As you can see, the absolute encoder has many different situations in which the incremental encoder cannot be used. In fact, the absolute encoder is almost always preferred.

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    The Best Providers will offer Services you need at a Price you can Afford

    The Best Providers will offer Services you need at a Price you can Afford

    The vast majority of people do not have income that they can waste. Therefore, they need to think very carefully about any expenditures that they make. It is amazing what some people are spending each month for their phone, TV and Internet services. In many cases, these people could be spending a fraction of the amount of money they are spending for the exact same service. However, these people continue to throw money away every month because they are unaware of the many great deals that exist where these three services are concerned. What makes a good phone, TV and Internet provider? Here are a few of the things you should be looking for.

    The Best Providers will offer Services you need at a Price you can Afford

    1. A good reputation

    It is important for you to know the full history of any company that you will be dealing with every month for possibly many years to come. It will eventually come back to bite you if you fail to do a little investigation. The vast resources available to you thanks to the Internet will make it fairly easy to find out if a specific provider is a company you want to be involved with. Generally, you should steer clear of companies that have an overwhelming amount of bad things written about them online. That should be a major red flag.

    1. Plenty of plans to choose from

    You need to find a provider that offers plans for people who are at a wide range of income levels. You may want to have the highest speed of Internet that a company offers. However, it may be out of your price range. If this is the case, you need that company to offer other options for you that are more affordable. The best providers will offer a dozen or more different plans to choose from so you can find the services you need at a price you can afford. Triple play offers containing TV, Internet and phone service can be found by going to http://www.bundle.tv/ for more information.

    1. They treat their customers with respect

    There is a good chance that something will go wrong with your TV, Internet or phone service if you have it for an extended period of time. If this happens, you want to be associated with a company that takes your problem seriously. You do not want to be passed around to different departments. A technician should be dispatched to your home within 24 hours to fix your problem.

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    Xiaomi 3 TV – All in One Entertainment Pack

    Xiaomi 3 TV - All in One Entertainment Pack

    Xiaomi has been the leading company in delivering quality product in competitive price. Recently they have expanded their wings of business from Smartphone and Smartphone accessories to Smart TV and TV boxes. On 19th, last month they unveiled their maiden approach towards smarter TV. To enrich the features and users’ experiences Xiaomi comes up with an Android TV box-Xiaomi 3 TV Box.

    Xiaomi 3 TV - All in One Entertainment Pack

    Xiaomi 3 TV Box Features- unmatched and unbeatable

    Performance | Class Apart and Ready to Rock

     Xiaomi has fitted this Android TV Box with Amlogic S905 chip that delivers 25% improved performance and 3+2 core high performance GPU can transform your TV into a gaming machine. The processor clocks at 2 GHZ which is enough to provide multitasking performance.

    Voice Control | Let your Command control the power

     Smart TV has gone even smarter as Mi 3 TV Box Amlogic S905 allows you to search movie and other stuffs just by a command. Magical serach begins with your voice.

    Operating System

     It’s a device runs on Android. Xiaomi has put Android 5.0 Lollipop version in it that supports all advanced features of current tech era.

    Upgraded Sound Experience

     With Dolby Audio and DTS support (it supports AAC, RM, OGG, DTS, FLAC, APE, MP3, MPEG audio formats) you are just a tap away from experiencing world class sound in your living room.

    Mirror Screen Feature

     You can directly play your games in TV while same screen is shared. What you are playing in your phone, the same will be reflected in the TV screen. It supports some features like Miracast, Airplay, DLNA, SMB and Wi-Di function that was simply absent in Xiamo 1 and 1S.

    Adapted with 4K Resolution

    To match the expectation of new generation Xiaomi 3 TV box is fitted with advanced technology to run high definition 4K video or images which enables users to get experience of crisp and unparallel depth of colours through the TV screen (Note: your TV must be 4K ready). Along with this, it gets an option- H.265 that makes sure that users can enjoy high quality video even at low internet speed. HDMI 2.0 connector made these things more attractive and effective too.

    All formats of Video- RM, MP4, MOV, MPEG, MKV, FLV, VC-1, AVI, 3GP, TS, H.265, RMVB, M2TS are supported. So put your worries aside and enjoy videos regardless of the format!

    Xiaomi 3 TV - All in One Entertainment Pack

    RAM and ROM

     Speed of a device depends on processor while multitasking ability depends on RAM. Xiaomi has not compromised with that here as it’s attached with 1 GB DDR3L RAM. It has got 4 GB on board storage capability. Though it’s 4GB but it counts a little lower when you compare with the other devices.

    Bluetooth and EDR Supports

    Like all advanced system, Xiaomi’s 3rd generation TV box supports Bluetooth (latest 4.1) and EDR which performs faster file sharing and easy pairing with almost all Bluetooth enabled devices.

    Advanced USB support

     Xiaomi 3 TV box allows users to plug their USB and enjoy what they wish to. Instead of plugging USB you can plug your whole HDD, it will support that too- simply a whole new cool experience.

    Ethernet Supports

     It supports latest Ethernet 120 MBPS while the true milestone of speed is 200 MBPS. The key feature of this is that it is made to support 802.11 ac protocols.


     The main constraint is here as Xiaomi has left no choice for the customers. Xiaomi 3 TV box comes in Black only.


     After getting all these cool features built-in it weighs 0.176 KG only while it measures 10.1 x 10.1 x 1.95 cm / 3.97 x 3.97 x 0.77 inches.

    Package Content

     In the box you will get  1 Original XiaoMi 3 TV Box, 1 Power Adapter, 1 Remote Control, 1 String, 2 AAA Battery, 1 HDMI Cable, 1 Chinese Manual- everything you need to start with.

    If the back pulling point, flash storage capacity is put aside then there is no other brand can match Xiaomi 3 TV box while Xiaomi has put the tagged offer price at just $71.99- truly unbeatable. It is provided with 1 year manufacturer warranty that gives this product a reliable look. Grab this smart TV box from Gearbest for faster delivery with assured original product quality.

    Xiaomi 3 TV - All in One Entertainment Pack

    Buy now or Add to your Wish List right now and get the power in your hand. Make your TV smarter and transform your living room into gymnasium with Xiaomi 3 TV box’s ultra motion sensing technology.

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    DOOGEE F5 – A Smartphone with killing Features Arrived


    Tech enthusiastic guys around the world have been exploring for a combo experience- feature rich gadget and that is within budget price. If you are tired of in search of a smartphone or tablet with high-end specification within your budget limit then DOOGEE F5 4G Phablet is here to end your quest. All the features you have been looking to have in your dream tablet are in the DOOGEE F5 4G Phablet. Smart features and competitive pricing are the key market hitting points. Exploring the features of specs of modern devices is nothing less than streamline flow of adrenaline through veins.

    DOOGEE F5 4G Phablet

    Design: Sleek metal body design meets modern concepts and expectation. With 7.8 mm thickness DOOGEE F5 weighs 171 grams only. Curves and angles of this smartphone create real fluidic experience. With Gravity Sensor, Proximity Sensor, Ambient Light Sensor enjoy the real thrills of Smart telephony. The outer body is made of fluid metal which is stronger than Titanium alloy and exceptionally light weight.  So forget about the dents, scratches and nicks. Live free with DOOGEE F5.

    DOOGEE F5 4G Phablet

    Display: 5.5-inch full high definition 1920×1080 IPS display protected by OGS Screen is the perfect outfit of any trendy gadget now a days. It meets the standards of today’ gadget specs. 82% screen to body ratio provides for viewing experience. Its eye stroking to experience full HD laminated display. 178-degree viewing angles and 401 ppi are the features backing more vivid and crisp display.

    Processor and RAM: MTK6753 64bit Octa Core houses in the heart of this DOOGEE Phablet. Experience uninterrupted performance and to make it seamless 3 GB RAM is coupled with the processor in DOOGEE F5 Phablet. Play high graphics games without any lag.

    Operating System: It offers you to play with latest Android 5.1 lollipop operating system. Be upgraded…..it seems to get Android 6.0 Marshmallow update soon.

    DOOGEE F5 4G Phablet

    Flash Memory: DOOGEE F5 has 16 GB inbuilt flash memory where you can get 12.3 GB available for use. We think this much space is enough for smart usage of smartphone. Store images, docs and songs without any worry as it’s expandable up to 64 GB via micro SD card. You will never run out memory for trying new apps.

    Camera: Good news for selfie lovers. DOOGEE sports a 5 MP front facing camera with advanced image stabilizing feature for perfect selfie while the 13 MP primary shooter ensures better landscape capturing. Primary camera is accompanied by the LED flash to provide better low light image capture. 83-degree wide angle lens is perfect for capturing groupie.

    Connectivity: DOOGEE F5 is fitted with all new connectivity like GPS, Bluetooth etc. Bluetooth got version 4.0 that ensures speedy file transfer. 802.11b/g/n wireless internet gives faster Wi-Fi access.

    DOOGEE F5 4G Phablet

    Battery: Smartphone needs a lot of charge to run smartly! That’s why good battery backup is must for using a smartphone all day long. DOOGEE F5 is powered by a 2660 mAh lithium ion battery which is enough for surf net, click images and play songs.

    Faster Charing: With 5V/2A attached charging point DOOGEE in enabled with faster-charging feature. Within 30 minutes of charging DOOGEE F5 gets 70% charged and within 2.5 hours it gets fully charged.

    Finger Print Security: Like all the high-end phones you can store up to 5 finger prints and use them to lock & unlock the phone in real fast speed, just in 0.5 seconds!

    Noise Cancellation by Dual Microphone: Dual silicon microphone provides better audio performance. Dual microphone features noise cancellation and better sound quality.

     4G Enhancement: High-speed internet experience comes with 4G FDD-LTE in this device though 3G and 2G are available also.

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    5 Simple Tips to Extend Your Smartphone’s Battery Life

    5 Simple Tips to Extend Your Smartphone's Battery Life

    Every year a bevy of new smartphone models are launched onto the UK market, and with each new generation of handset manufacturers must wrestle with the problems of battery life. A fast charging, long lasting, battery is the holy grail of smartphone designers and engineers. But with each new development in battery storage and discharge comes an accompanying development in smartphone features that effectively undermines any potential advances in battery life. Larger batteries could solve the problem. But larger batteries mean bigger and heavier smartphones, and the phablet is already pushing the boundaries of just how big can go. While there are several exciting projects in the works, not the least of which is the StoreDot fast charging organic power cell, it’s likely to take some time before a fully successful long lasting smartphone battery hits the market.

    5 Simple Tips to Extend Your Smartphone's Battery LifeSo, while we wait for the perfect smartphone battery to arrive, we must all soldier on and make the most out of the batteries we have. That means learning how to manage battery usage so that we never run out of juice at an inopportune moment. To help extend your battery life between charges, consider these 5 simple tips.

    Check Your Screen Brightness

    We’ll start off with one of the biggest battery killers, screen brightness. The brighter your smartphone display, the bigger the drain on your battery. Even dimming the display a little can help extend your battery life, and during a long busy workday that can be invaluable. If you’re using an iPhone, go into the Setting menu and follow the prompts to the brightness setting. Turn off the ‘auto brightness’ function, and select as low a level of brightness as you can. Android users can do the same by going into Quick Settings and using the brightness toggle to adjust the levels. Remember, the dimmer the display the more juice you can save.

    Reset the Screen Timeout

    This follows on from the display tip. The time it takes your phone’s display to go dark after any type of input can have an effect on battery life. Screen timeout can be adjusted on most handsets by going into the display menu and selecting either the ‘timeout’ or ‘sleep’ settings. Here you can set your phone’s timeout duration. Many smartphones are

    Many smartphones are preset at between 1 and 2 minutes. Change this to 30 seconds or less to conserve battery power. For those using an iPhone, look for ‘autolock’ under the general setting menu. Unfortunately, the shortest timeout setting for an iPhone is 60 seconds, but even that reduction can conserve energy.

    Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

    In the wake of the latest Lollipop update, many Android users have experienced a noticeable drop in battery life. Some of that had to do with the new OS and how it handled Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. The Bluetooth and Wi-Fi settings on any phone can have a major impact on battery storage, as even when they are not actively in use they continue to run in the background. Whenever possible, turn off the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi features on your smartphone to conserve power. Switching them back on only when needed. Simply turning off these features when they are not needed can add as much as an extra hour of battery life. Both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are easy to toggle on and off via the General settings menu on your handset.

    Whenever possible, turn off the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi features on your smartphone to conserve power. Switching them back on only when needed. Simply turning off these features when they are not needed can add as much as an extra hour of battery life. Both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are easy to toggle on and off via the General settings menu on your handset.

    GPS Detection

    Your phone’s GPS is definitely convenient, but it puts a sizable drain on your smarphone’s battery. Even if you are not using the GPS to navigate, it is constantly sending and receiving network signals in order to triangulate your current position. In fact, many popular apps routinely access your smartphone’s GPS, and for more than simply updating your social networks or finding local businesses. However, you can control which apps have access to your phone’s GPS, and thereby limit the drain on your battery. If you are installing a new app, and it asks for permission to monitor or use your location, say no. This is particularly important if the app in question has no good reason to monitor your location, as it could indicate possible spyware.

    However, you can control which apps have access to your phone’s GPS, and thereby limit the drain on your battery. If you are installing a new app, and it asks for permission to monitor or use your location, say no. This is particularly important if the app in question has no good reason to monitor your location, as it could indicate possible spyware.

    Running Apps

    Of course, one of the most popular features of the smartphone is the ability to run multiple apps at the same time. However, the apps we love so much can be a major battery drain. Whenever you switch on an app, it adds to your smartphone’s CPU workload and exponentially increases the handset’s power consumption. The more apps you run, the greater the drain on your battery. If you want to extend the charge on your battery, cut back on the apps and be sure to turn them off when they are not in use. This is an important point, because many apps will continue to run in the background, draining your battery, if you do not fully terminate them. To make certain your apps are turned off, go to your smartphone’s settings menu, scroll to the apps feature and manually turn off any background apps that may be putting a drain on your battery.

    The search for the holy grail of smartphone batteries continues on apace, and new technological advances are bringing us ever closer to the long-lasting, fast charging battery every smartphone owner craves. Still, it may be some time yet before the perfect smartphone battery is ready for market. However, while you’re waiting for the next step up in battery performance there are some steps you can take to get the most out of the battery you have. These 5 simple tips can help you squeeze more juice from your battery, keeping you and your smartphone up and running throughout a busy day.

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    Flappy Bird FOR PC

    flappy bird bluestacks

    Flappy Bird is an arcade and action game created by .GEARS Studios. This is a maddening game which is addictive enough that you will surely keep glued to your device. Flappy Bird is a fun- filled game with a simple 8- bit setup. It is like a digital drug which keeps you so engulfed that you will keep playing until the bird is dead, again and again.

    flappy birdsIn this game, you have to navigate a bird through tunnels and you have to keep tapping the screen in order to make the bird fly. For each tunnel that you pass, your score will be incremented by one. This is one of the toughest arcade and action games and you will not be surprised to even make a score of one in the first few attempts. The concept of this game is far from reality and at times, the crazy bird dies without any reason. Also, the game glitches at times.


    The graphics in this game are not up to the mark and colours used are also disgustingly bright. The visuals are childish and Game Over occasionally pops to make you feel like a stupid kid. You can play Flappy Bird on your PC using Bluestacks or its online version. Flappy Bird on Bluestacks server will come after few days since game is new, So you wont be able to get it on Bluestacks using search option. Below are two methods to play Flappy Birds on PC 1. Using online version 2. Using Bluestack Version

    Online Flash Version

    Below are two online Flash version of Flappy Birds Games. I will suggest to play using first link because it is similar to Android or iOS version of this game.

    1.  Click to Play Flappy Bird for PC Flash Game

    Steps to Play Flappy Birds on PC Using apk file

    flappy bird bluestacks player

    Most of the times after installing Bluestacks you will be asked to download Android market to continue installing android games. But if you have .apk file of game or apps then you can directly double click on .apk file and it will be installed on Bluestacks. For downloading .apk use google search with game name or follow below link.

    flappy bird bluestacks

    Below are the steps to be followed to install Flappy Bird on your PC using bluestacks. Below method will work only after few days because right now flappy birds for pc is not available on Bluestacks but can be installed using after downloading Flappy Birds .apk file.

    Step- 1: How to download Bluestacks on PC

    Bluestacks is an Android app player using which you can play and use all games and apps that are part of the Android Play Store. It can be successfully downloaded in both online and offline modes.

    Refer to this link for installing Bluestacks in offline mode.

    Step- 2: How to install Flappy Bird on PC using Bluestacks

    Now that you are done with installing Bluestacks, you can start downloading Flappy Bird on PC. Follow these easy steps:

    •  In Bluestacks, go to the search field.
    • Type “Flappy Bird” in this field.
    • Now click on the Install button to start installing this game.

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    • Once this is done, the game will start downloading.
    • After this process completes, you are now ready to play Flappy Bird on your PC.

    Flappy Birds Tips and Tricks

    A lot of people share their scores on social media websites and the average maximum score which most of the people are able to make is 15-40. Today in this post we are going to share Flappy Birds Tips and Tricks with you.

    Play the game on a tablet

    It is better to play this game on a tablet as you might find it a bit complicated to play this game on your smartphones. Your thumb could lead to problems sometimes while playing this game on your smartphones. Tablets come with big screens which give you the benefit for easy gameplay.

    Use Short & Measured Taps

    If you tap quickly then you would be easily able to play this game. On tapping fast you can avoid getting hit by the green pipes. When you see a pipe in front of you tap one or two times.

    Watch out for the corners

    If you are tapping fast then there is probability that you might get hit by the corners. You should tap accordingly so that you can easily clear out the pipes as well as you are not hit by the corners.

    Blink Carefully

    Think before you blink in this game. If you blink at the wrong time you might get hit by an obstacle. If you are going to start a new round, blink a lot of time before starting that so that you don’t have to blink in the game time.

    Competing with Friends

    Competing with friends will allow you to score harder easily. If you are competing with your friends and if they share your score with them then there is probability that you will also try play carefully and score harder.

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    Asphalt 8: Airborne for PC (Windows 7/8,Mac)

    Asphalt 8 Airborne for PC

    Created by Gameloft, Asphalt 8 is a racing game. With this game, the entire category of racing games for Android has been taken to a whole new level. The perfect combination of brand new physics engine along with intense aerial stunts makes this a fun game. There is 47 high end as well as high performance cars in this game, 80 percent of which are entirely new. Some of these imminent car manufacturers are Audi, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Ferrari and Pagani Zonda among others.

    Asphalt 8 Airborne for PCFor giving that realistic motor audio immersion effect, there are new motor sounds in this game. It is now possible to perform 360 degree jumps and barrel rolls as well. The additional air stunts make this game more interesting. Apart from this, there are 9 exclusive racing locations as well. These include France, Venice, Iceland, Nevada Desert and others. There is also thrill due to the hidden shortcuts that come in this racing game.

    Bluestacks old versions

    All the above mentioned tracks are available in Career mode as well. Though earlier made for Android devices, Asphalt 8 is now available for PC as well. Scroll down to see how to download and install Bluestacks or Andy app player in order to play this game on PC. If you have windows 8 PC then you can directly download Asphalt 8 from Windows Store or click here.

    Features of the Game

    Simply by the name we can definitely make it out that the new game Asphalt 8: Airborne is actually the successor to Gameloft’s undeniably huge popular game, Asphalt 7: Heat. Similar to its predecessor  it promises you to engage yourself  to a rich and thrilling experience of racing on your system with some more added twists and turns.

    Just by noticing the name of the game we get a clear idea that the important change in technique of this  that it bears when compared to its predecessor is its ability to perform tricks in the air. Some of the techniques it includes Barrel Rolls or Flat Spin and so on. Above all you even get rewards for all the tricks that you perform in the air. You can say a bit of Show off is there in this game which actually adds to your interest.

    Must Read: Install Android OS on Computer

    Must Read: How to Download and Install Clash of Clans for PC

    Now let’s get some deeper insight into the act of Barrel Rolls. You can perform the Barrel Role technique by simply driving onto one of the ramps among others that are always present on the tracks. You initiate the jump and the gravity as well as the momentum would do the rest for you. Now in some cases you might mess up the landing while you simply mishandle the approach but other than that you can be rest assured that you would have a successful landing. Next comes the art of Flat Spin. If you must know Flat Spins are quite tricky compared to the previous technique. In this case the success of your landing depends on your ability to  angle your approach accurately. In this case launch yourself from a ramp while drifting from that point.

    The fantastic game called Asphalt 8: Airborne has some excellent graphics quality that is bound to leave you stunned in sheer appreciation of the game. It’s just that you need to upgrade your system with the latest devices so that you can enjoy the features to the maximum.

    You can have various modes of the game which includes the World Series i.e, Multiplayer over the internet or a local Wi-Fi race,  a quick single player race or again the career mode.

    Easier Method

    Android Emulator for pc

    Sometime Bluestacks does not work or install on Windows PC, In order to tackle drawbacks of bluestacks we have another android emulator called as Andy. Andy is one of the simplest and much better android emulator for Windows PC (Mac and Linux version will soon arrive). Follow below steps to download Asphalt on Andy android emulator.

    • First goto Andy official website to download Andy on Windows 7, 8 (Click here)
    • Click on download and install andy with default settings on your Windows PC.
    • Start Andy using icon on desktop, configure options like language, google+ account, etc
    • Goto Play Store from menu (same as android device) and Install Asphalt 8 or any game.

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    WeChat for PC (Windows 7/8,Mac)

    Download and Install WeChat for PC Windows 7-8-Mac

    Smartphones have not only changed the way we use our Mobile phones, but have also brought a huge change in the way we communicate. Sending and receiving messages is a thing of the past as we all are completely in love with the messenger app that Android has to offer us. The main attraction of this messenger app is that you can exchange thoughts free of cost as compared to the SMS services where you are charged per SMS. It uses your data plan that you have in your Smartphones but then also it is not that much.

    There are users who are always available on this messenger app as they are addicted to it. The very first thing that they do when they wake up is to reach out for the phone to see what was happening in the chat room when they were sleeping. WeChat is one of the messenger apps which is making news for getting more than 300 million downloads.Download and Install WeChat for PC Windows 7-8-Mac

    Through messenger apps you can easily carry on with your video calls apart from chatting and expressing your thoughts through words and emoticons. The Voice call facility is also there and it is almost in the same line as that of WhatsApp, Line or the Blackberry Messenger.

    Features of WeChat

    WeChat is fast and reliable. You can share any information on this platform without worrying about the security. When you are making voice calls the voice doesn’t crack up and is heard crystal clear. If you are trying your hands at instant messaging then you will be able to do that individually with a single person or you can involve in a group chat.

    In here you also can make use of the animated smileys that it provides when you are in no mood to write how you feel. The picture that you clicked or the video that you have recorded can be transferred to your friends and families all over the world without any issues. You can talk to up to 40 friends in the walkie – talkie mode and the advantage of this is that you are always logged in here so there is no way you will miss out on any message that your friends have posted. If you are working somewhere else and are not around the phone, then also with the notification alert, you will know that someone has posted a message in there.

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    It is almost like the social networking sites where you can like a photo, comment on it and also share them if you want. If you have just joined in then you can import the contacts easily over to the apps contact list and the names that are not there in the contact list can be added instantaneously. This amazing messenger app is made available for Android smartphones and Windows Phone as well. You can make use of WeChat through the wi-fi connection too. If you are using the wi-fi network connection, then it is better in a way as it will not eat up your existing data package. This one is redesigned for the Android phones and therefore it has become much faster in there.

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    Now you can also enjoy this Android app on your PC with the help of Android emulator. So for people who do not possess the Smartphones can now enjoy the Android games and apps on their PC only.

    Steps to download and install WeChat for PC using Andy or BlueStacks Android emulator

    Now when you know what WeChat has to offer you and you can also use this amazing app on your PC then you would definitely want to know how it can be downloaded and installed on your PC! Here we are explaining the steps that you have to follow to get WeChat installed on your desktop:

    • In order to get started with the process, you will have to download the Andy Android emulator from its official website or the BlueStacks Android emulator from its official website
    • Once the download is completed, you will have to double-click on it to start the installation process
    • In order to complete the installation process successfully, you must abide by the instructions that appear on the screen
    • When the installation is completed, you can now open the emulator to start the downloading process of the app
    • Type in the name of the app WeChat in search box
    • It will come up with the search result, select the name of the app and click on install
    • The game will download and then install automatically


    Now you have the app ready to be used on your desktop so what are you waiting for! Sign in and just get started with the non-stop chatting session. With amazing features like backing up chat history or connecting with friends across all platforms only enhance the experience with this chat.

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    Aviate Launcher Review and Get Invitation Code

    Aviate Launcher Review and Get Invitation Code

    There are a lot of personalization apps out there in the Google Play market. Sometimes it is quite difficult to find out the best app for your very own Android smartphone. There is a new app launched named Aviate which will personalize your smartphone and make it look awesome. Aviate is a unique in itself app which comes with a lot of advanced features.

    Aviate Launcher Review and Get Invitation Code

    Like other home screen launcher app this app doesn’t come with a different screen as there is no screen in this app. The primary home screen of your smartphone will come with widgets and apps which you use daily. There won’t be any more room for more icons or widgets as all the unnecessary home screens are removed in this app.

    Features of Aviate Launcher

    There are some great features which we saw in Aviate. When your alarm goes off in the morning the first app which you open every day will be opened itself. Like if I like to use Facebook once my alarm goes off, Aviate will automatically launch Facebook as soon as your alarm goes off. The primary screen of your smartphone keeps on changing from time to time. If you are travelling Aviate will suggest you music, other apps to use on your way to destination.

    One of the notable feature of this particular app is that the home screen is divided into grid of cards. Depending on the necessity as well as the demand of the situation you can either add or minus the cards .This feature however adds to one of the setback of this product. The application provides for upto 5 grids at a time, now at times the dimensions for each widgets may be different altogether. That’s when the problem arrives. Because of the difference in their dimensions some of them might became so thin and absurd that they are rendered unusable. This particular problem can be easily solved though by just using two widgets at the same time

    In a way Aviate will keep a track of the apps which you are using and will set priorities. It will automatically launch the apps which are relevant to your current surroundings. If you are out on a dinner or you are nearby an restraunt Aviate will automatically launch applications which you can use at that time, if you are out for eating it will launch Foursquare so that you can check-in, if you are returning to your home from office, Aviate will launch Navigation apps. If Aviate launches an unnecessary app you can fix it manually.

     It’s app folders are also among its interesting features . The most important feature of the apps are that their unique ability to expand and they are accessible on the second screen as well as on the third screen as well.

    Use the spaces slide menu to find the settings of your smartphone. Aviate is an ideal app for the people who don’t do much on their smartphones. After a few days of using Aviate the app will itself set all the apps which you are using on your home screen according to the priority of your using them.

    The most interesting feature of this application has to be its ability to act as a forerunner in case of our choices or our needs. The main screen eventually switches between various displays taking into consideration their respective themes.

    You can even try on to change or edit the main homescreen of your phone. You can either use it show any images that you may prefer or any widgets or you could even mix them together to create a unique effect.
    There are two themes,a darker one or a lighter one among which you can choose.

    Aviate Launcher Invitation Code

    Aviate is currently on invite mode, which means you need an activation code to unlock aviate. Aviate allows to send invite code to 5 friends, So to get invite code what you need to do is just share this post on any Social Network and  comment below your email id. I will give one or two invitation code to first two commenter and they will invite using their Aviate to person who comments below them. This will continue the chain and all gets Invitation code.

    aviate code

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